Chairman's Message /

Lt. Col. (Retd.) Jasbir Singh Buttar

Chairman's Message:

Dear Students and guardians,
The student teachers are the nation builders and the creators of our tomorrow. Teaching is imparting knowledge, innovation and sharing experience. It starts with listening, concentrating and reflecting. Here, at Shri Guru Harkrishan College of Education, We teach our students to be inventive, innovative and interactive in their teaching,
After more than a decade of our meaningful existence and training more than 3000 teachers, it brings us a feeling of achievement & satisfaction.
Beyond providing a vigorous and sound training we wish to provide our student teachers a holistic learning experience for life. All this has been made possible by the finest and sincere minds working as a team at Shri Guru Harkrishan College of Education.
I Welcome you to visit our campus and join our team. Sincerely
Lt. Col (Retd.) Sh. Jasbir Singh Buttar

Lt. Col. (Retd.) Mr. Jasbir Singh Buttar